Project Management
When it comes to Prepress Services and Electronic Publishing, we have established ourselves as an unrivaled provider for publishers worldwide. Our exceptional services have propelled us to the forefront of a fiercely competitive market. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, we deliver an extensive array of value-added services that encompass editorial expertise, end-to-end project management, multilingual typesetting mastery, digital archiving finesse, image management prowess, and data conversion proficiency.
In today's dynamic publishing landscape, publishers demand vendors who can navigate and efficiently orchestrate their projects. This is where we rise to the occasion, fearlessly embracing the publisher's challenge with our formidable project management tools, aptly named ‘Full Service’.
Our team comprises seasoned project managers, meticulously chosen for their qualifications and experience, who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the projects entrusted to them. They ensure that every client's project is completed punctually and exemplifies excellence. Once a project manager is entrusted with a venture, they assume complete ownership, expertly overseeing it, from its inception to its triumphant conclusion.
Our project management services encompass the following commanding capabilities:
  • Author management and seamless communication foster a collaborative environment where ideas flourish.
  • Diligent tracking of publishing cost impact ensures transparency and empowers informed decision-making.
  • Rigorous scrutiny and deft adjustment of book length issues delivered an impeccably balanced and finely tuned manuscript.
  • Meticulous consolidation and adept handling of page corrections guarantee a flawless final product.
  • Editorial oversight was performed with unwavering dedication, safeguarding the publisher's best interests and elevating the work to new heights.
  • Expert collection of both back and front matter, meticulously curating every detail to present a comprehensive and cohesive publication.